LightCop | Virtual Floor Sign Projector

Looking for projected signage for your warehouse? Our LightCop Virtual Floor Sign Projector is the perfect solution to your problem.

There are many reasons to implement sign projection into your warehouse. The main reason being to reduce the risk of workplace accidents. We offer a number of different stock GOBO images, but we can custom design any unique image or message you choose. See below for some examples of our stock virtual floor signs that come with our LightCop.

Caution Forklift Traffic.png

Caution Forklift Traffic SIgn

Using a sign projected in a high forklift trafficked area of your warehouse can reduce forklift accidents.

Caution Hardhat.png

Caution: Hard hat, safety glasses, ear protection required SIgn

Not all the time is it obvious that hard hats, safety glasses, and ear protection are required. Especially for your visitors, these types of signs will ensure them that you have a high standard for workplace safety.

Forklift Operating Area.png

BEware forklift OPERATING area SIgn

If there is a lot of noise in your warehouse, sometimes it can be hard to hear if a forklift is in operation near you. Using signage such as this example will decrease the chances of any work place forklift accidents.

No Pedestrian Traffic.png

No Pedestrian Traffic SIgn

Do you have areas of your warehouse that you do not allow pedestrian traffic? Or maybe you need to close off specific sections throughout the day. This No Pedestrian Traffic Sign can solve that issue.

Pedestrian Crossing SIgn

Opening up or clarifying safe walking zones is just as important than closing off zones. Using these signs are great for ensuring a safe crossing for your employees or visitors.

Speed Limit 5mph SIgn

Need to set a standard speed limit in your warehouse? Posting your max limit can help others understand how fast they should be driving within or outside your facility.

Stop. look. point. SIgn

This sign is perfect for areas that have constant traffic and also require foot traffic.

Stop Sign.png

Stop SIgn

The standard STOP sign is universal for many warehouses and reasons. Simply reminding people to stop and look, can save a life or reduce workplace accidents.

Warning forklift traffic SIgn

If your warehouse has many active forklift areas, a simple sign can help others new to the warehouse to stay clear and be on the look out.

Alex Person