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Having spent years in the medical industry marketing surgical equipment, Mike Roddick (deceased) brought a great deal of experience in medical grade products utilizing both LED and Laser platforms.  From the commercial market segment, Mark Wray brings decades long leadership in the design and manufacturing of products incorporating similar light technologies. In the summer of 2013, Mark and Mike were introduced through a network of family and friends and thus started their partnership as they began to collaborate on various projects unitizing light technology platforms.  Recognizing the increased applications for these technologies in the manufacturing and warehousing market segment, the team set out to focus specifically on developing products to enhance industrial safety using these platforms. Early on it became apparent that the major challenge for all industrial safety managers was in moving both pedestrians and heavy equipment operators safely throughout their facility, minimizing the risk of accidents or injury.  

Convinced that laser and LED traffic management products could be developed to greatly reduce risk of accident and injury, particularly around blind intersections, they began working on their two flagship products, the LightCop LED traffic signage and warning system and the DockRight laser line striping system.  The key to decreasing risk was in developing features within their products that would drive compliance to the given command such as a stop sign at an intersection.  After numerous prototypes were developed in the creation of the LightCop, for example, features such as a flashing message upon approaching an intersection were adopted. and the team began the process of commercialization.  Minimizing accidents and subsequent loss through the development of more effective night-time docking systems was the primary moving force behind the creation of the DockRight laser line striping system.  Once final systems designs were approved, the team began the process of product commercialization. 

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Mark Antony Wray

Founder - CEO LTBLtech, LLC | Technology development, International trade, oversight of systems design, and build.

Mark specializes in utilizing his global engineering and manufacturing experience to greatly reduce time and investment capital in Research, Development, and Build of all LTBLtech, LLC products.




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Mike Roddick

Deceased Co-Founder, Former Head of Sales and Marketing LTBLtech, LLC

Mike's presence, humor, and friendship is sorely missed.