6 Different Warehouse Forklifts

Looking for a new forklift or pallet jack for your warehouse? We have compiled a list of different types of warehouse forklifts.

With so many types of warehouse forklifts on the market, which is the best for you? If you are like any other warehouse, you have size restrictions, and a specific need. Whether you need a heavy duty forklift or a simple pallet jack, this list should help you decide on what you need.


Three Wheel Electric ForkLift

  • Capacities range: 3,000 lbs – 5,000 lbs

  • 36V or 48V

  • Tire Options: Cushion or Pneumatic

  • Good for unloading trucks and moving pallets and other loads

  • Mainly used indoors on smooth surfaces, has a tighter turning radius for more maneuverability in small spaces

  • Good for unloading trucks and moving pallets and other loads


Narrow-Aisle Reach Trucks

  • Capacities Range: 2,500lbs – 5,500lbs

  • 36V or 48V

  • Reach Types:

    • Single-reach extends the distance of one pallet

    • Double-reach extends the distance of two pallets

  • Outriggers on the front of the forklift support the weight of the load

  • Good for racking pallets on smooth surfaces


Cushion Tire Forklifts

  • Capacity: 3,000lbs and up

  • Fuel Type: Gas, LPG or Diesel

  • Good for indoor use and smooth surfaces


Walkie Stackers

  • Capacity Range: 3,000lbs to 5,000lb

  • 24V or 36V

  • Tire Options: Cushion

  • Good for moving loads short distances

  • Comes in two versions: Ride-on or Walk-behind

  • Forks are generally 48″ long, can come double-long for loading two pallets, and rise slightly off the ground

  • Walk behind can be equipped with a mast and/or reach which will allow you to raise loads onto racking


Pallet Jacks

  • Generally lifts approximately 6”

  • Can walk behind or rode on

  • Good for moving pallets from one location to another


Swing Turret Forklift

  • Capacity Range: 3,000lbs – 8,000lbs

  • Fuel Options: LPG, 36V or 48V

  • Good for narrow aisles where you would need a rotating mast

  • Forks are mounted on a mast and carriage and operate on a 90 degree rotating turret allowing you to pick and/or stock without turning the base of the forklift

Alex Person