Why Not to Tape or Paint Your Warehouse Floor Markings.

If you are still taping off sections of your warehouse floors, you are living in the past. Let us explain why using virtual laser lines instead of tape is becoming an industry standard.

Before we had affordable options such as the LightCop or DockRight Laser systems, warehouses needed to paint or tape their floor markings. This worked for the time period but always produced a headache when you restructured your warehouse or needed to make any minor changes to your isle layouts. Moving your tape or paint would result in higher labor costs due to the removal and reapplication of said markings. Not to mention that the markings could be obstructed by products or objects, which eliminates the purpose of the markings in the first place.

If you have had a warehouse for a few years, you know the pains of having permanent/semi-permanent markings on your floors. This is why major companies such as Space X, Toyota, Amazon, Mercedes Benz, and many more are using our virtual floor markings.

Reasons to use virtual floor markings:

  • No removal of old floor markings. Simply change the direction of the laser system.

  • If you need to completely move your markings, simply unscrew the LightCop Or DockRight and install it in the new area of need.

  • Cuts labor costs down with installation and changing

  • Virtual projections cannot be obstructed. If an item is in the way, the marking projects on top of it.

  • Increases warehouse safety.

Using virtual floor markings is becoming the industry standard. Don’t get left behind using paint or tape on your warehouse floors.

Alex Person