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Warehouse Safety

Using light-­based technologies, LTBLtech, LLC offers a state­-of­-the-­art projected signage system that can help drive compliance to commands such as STOP, CAUTION FORKLIFT TRAFFIC, or NO PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC. We also offer a brilliant, laser line generator, line­-striping system that eliminates the need for continued maintenance of taped line or paint painted signs. We continue to explore new light­-based technologies and bring them to our customers at affordable prices. Our products help customers meet OSHA safety regulations by providing brightly illuminated safety marking in their facilities.




No matter the size of your facility, we can work with you to make a safer work environment. 

Our Products


DockRight is the first plug and play, laser line generator, laser line­-striping system. It eliminates the need for traditional paint and tape­-striped walkways. Uses include striping walkways, cordoning off dangerous or off-limits areas, and creating safe zones outside the area below overhead moving cranes. DockRight also defines exterior and interior trucking lanes to assist drivers in laser-­precision docking. Click here to learn more about DockRight.

LightCop is an easily installed, plug and play, industrial light projection system. Traffic control signage (such as STOP, YIELD, or NO PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC) or general warning messages (such as DANGER FORKLIFT TRAFFIC or DANGER OVERHEAD CRANE) are brightly projected on the floor from a projector mounted overhead from a horizontal I-­beam, upright support, or drop­down conduit. The image is projected through a glass and metal “slide” called a GOBO, which is an acronym for “go before optic.” As the light passes through the GOBO and is focused via the lens, a traffic control sign made of light is created. This bright signage can be easily moved from one location to another, can never be damaged or destroyed, and is always visible despite minimal ambient lighting.  Click here to learn more about LightCop

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