Laser Docking System | DockRight Laser Line Projection


Laser Docking Systems are the future of industrial warehouses and the trucking industry.

With laser docking your delivery drivers will have no problem backing their trailers onto your warehouse docks day or night. Before the DockRight or other laser docking systems were around, warehouses had to paint docking lines which needed maintenance and are not reliable. Now by simply installing the DockRight Laser docking system you can turn your warehouse on to the 21st century.

There is a reason why companies like Space X, Amazon, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Pepsico, and countless others are using our DockRight laser docking systems. Not only can you use them to section docking stations but you can also use them to section off foot traffic areas within the warehouse. The uses of laser line systems are endless depending on the type and size of you warehouse.

Example of our Dockright laser docking system

See our promo video showing how the DockRight can be used.

Alex Person