Pallet Recovery | What To Do With Empty Pallets

Are you not sure what to do with your empty pallets? Are you throwing them out? Are you making any extra revenue from them? Let’s explore what to do with your empty pallets.

If you are like many other warehouses, you either burn, dispose or let your pallets stack up in a corner until they are an issue. If you are not utilizing the Pallet Recovery system or using a buy back service, you are missing out on incredible savings. So, what should you do with your empty pallets? Recycle them! Not only will you be recovering some additional revenue, you are helping out the environment as much as possible.

How to find Pallet Recovery Businesses near you?

Now that you know what to do with your empty pallets, how do you find businesses that will buy them back? We suggest simply using Google. Google “Pallet Recovery Near Me” or “Pallet Recovery (Insert City)”. Another way to find a reliable pallet recovery business is to ask other warehouses in the area. Chances are they know who gives the best prices and is the most reliable.

Keep in mind when recycling pallets, companies look for pallets that are in good shape, not damaged, and can be reused.

Benefits of Recycling your pallets?

There are many benefits to recycling or using pallet recovery companies. Let’s explore a few reasons.

  • Cuts costs or generate extra revenue.

  • Your business becomes more sustainable to the environment.

  • Improves safety by not having having broken or stacked pallets laying around.

  • Opens up more space that was used to store pallets.

What happens to recycled pallets?

So, now that you are recycling pallets, what actually happens to them once they leave your warehouse? The use of a recycled pallet depends on the condition of the actual pallet. Over half of all recovered pallets are repaired and reused. Around 16% of recycled pallets are disassembled and used as replacement lumber for construction. A small percentage of pallets are often ground or chipped up and used for various application such as landscaping mulch.

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